Social Media Marketing

Having a presence on Social Media is vital to any business for many reasons. At its most basic it can help to significantly increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

It provides you with means to quickly and directly communicate with a potentially huge audience; promote new products; advertise; answer support questions and showcase special offers.


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Brand Awareness

A comprehensive social media presence is an inexpensive way to promote your brand and introduce your business to potential customers. It can very effectively raise awareness of the products and services you offer – if people are unaware of your business they can’t buy your products.


With 2bn Facebook users, 330m Twitter users, 500m LinkedIn users, 650m Instagram users – social media cannot be ignored. Impressive as these numbers are what is important is active users and how frequently those users access the site.


Social Media Frequency of Use

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The United Kingdom has one of the highest ‘population to Internet User’ ratio’s in the world at 92%. And more significantly, 64% of the UK population are active social media users.

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Increase Sales

Ultimately, the main and sometimes only reason for having a social media presence for a business is to increase sales. Increasingly, across all age groups, potential customers are using social networks for product research. Any product or service that has been 'liked' or 'endorsed' or 'recommended' significantly increases the chance of new customers buying that product or service.


Positive reviews for your business and its services on social networks is another significant driver for new customers to buy from you.


Purchased a Product Online in Last Month

Use Social Networks for Product Research

Say that Seeing a Brand/Product is “liked” or Endorsed on      Social Media is a Purchase Driver

Say a “Buy” Button on Social Media is a Purchase Driver







Enhanced Customer Service

All business owners agree that great customer service engenders customer loyalty. A business's social media presence can provide a platform to improve customer service and generate loyalty. The social networks allow customers to raise issues, pose questions and, of course, compliment your business. Indeed, there a growing percentage of customers prefer to interact with companies via social media platforms, messages and/or e-mail rather than making a call to your business. Customers want to know that if they have an issue there will be someone there to fix it, promptly.

A social media presence enables your business to showcase its customer service.


Business Validation

In this inter-connected world potential customers who come across your business will often check out your website and THEN check out your social media pages. Having a comprehensive presence on social media validates your business and increasingly people relate a strong social media presence to a trustworthy company.  


Highstone Consultants on Social Media

Below you will find the various social media platforms that I use for Highstone Consultants.

In parallel with developing your website, Highstone Consultants will work with you to develop your social media presence.